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Achren are: Scott Anderson- Vocals & BC Rich Guitars, Callum Kirk- Jackson Guitars, Gordon Johnston- Drums (Tama kit, Alesis DM5, Ddrum kick trigger)

Achren formed in Glasgow early 2003, after Scott & Callum left Soulgreed and began rehearsing with Gordon (ex-Diadem, Divide) on drums. From the start the aim was to forge raw, filthy heavy as fuck song orientated metal that didn't only rely on blast beats to carry the band. The music has become an intimidating mix of everything raw, powerful and heavy.

achren biog

"Aggressive, loud and proud.....and that's just the singer.

Achren is a musical trio, who despite the fact that everytime I meet them they are either incredibly inebriated or well on the way to being so, have impressed me with their talent. The first time I saw them live was infact the first time they had played live and to be honest I went as a favour as I knew the guitarist. I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that hits you when they go on stage is that there are only three of them, the second is that there is no bassist and the third is the incredible juggernaut of sound that proceeds to whack you with some impressive amount of clout…. Achren I have discovered is best played at an offensively high volume, even more so if it will annoy the people around you…. Achren's death metal offerings are not going to be to everyone's taste. I like them and if you like your metal fast paced, aggressive and exceptionally heavy then so will you. However if you like the latest chart worthy sound bites from the corporate clone army that is nu-metal……..forget it and go home………it's past your bed time." (Debz, 6th Element)